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My inspiration behind this series of sculptures called ‘Touchstones’ is to create a sculptural piece that is an object of  calm contemplation. A positive focus.


The themes and investigations in my paintings inform my sculptures. I have long been interested in stones, layers of rock, fossils and standing stones, right down to picking up tiny pebbles on a walk and popping them in my pocket to study when in my studio! I love the shapes, sizes, textures, layers and cracks! My work is about the positive in nature and the fascination with growth and the incredible possibilities that nature provides. The Touchstones are inspired by all this rich potential and the importance of being in touch with nature if we are to grow and develop.

Using clay as a medium from which to translate observations of the natural environments, the Touchstones blend the sculptural forms of stones and seedpods, with a scale that can be held in the hand, satisfying surface texture and a subtle colour palette. When creating the stones I allow a natural evolution of the ideas and the form of the ‘stone’ to guide me and for the piece to evolve and transform fluidly.

Please do not hesitate to enquire after any particular piece. It is easy for me to reply and there is no obligation to buy. All the art work can be securely and carefully packed and posted to any destination.

Click on any image to see the full picture in more detail, including availability and price.

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